No adds in this blog. Google denied because of insufficient content


Google denied my application to have adds through AdSense because of insufficient content…  There is not much content yet, so I can not dispute much, right?

After reading about the cookies that they put on your browser I may not want you to be exposed to their adds either… I still have to decide, but I may not reapply to get adds in here.


The CMS online Cloud

Together with Wojciech Ozga we put together an overlay cloud with OpenStack: the CMSoCloud or CMSoooCloud or CMSoooooCloud…

It has, when full, 1300 hypervisor (~13000 physical cores).

Consider voting for the presentation under this link. You will need to register to the community first. Follow this link to register.

Thanks in advance for your support!

To test our OpenStack infrastructure we decided that our CPU should not be wasted and Wojciech picked up a project to help studying Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and many cancers. Help them too! Follow this link and help the folding@home project. We managed while testing the stability of our infrastructure to finalise more than 57000 Work Units only on a few weeks using more than 1000 hypervisors! Follow our progress in this link. Lately we have not been able to dedicate many CPU cycles… We are using the infrastructure ourselves… But we’ll try to continue helping…

This illustrates that one can donate CPU cycles to projects. Cloud infrastructure makes it easier. With an overlay one, as ours, your computers can be useful even if you don’t use them!